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Size: 24 x 24 cm (9.4" x 9.4")


"White Golden Horse" is a small portrait of a grey Andalusian horse placed tightly on a square canvas with its head twisted to meet the restrictions of the canvas. This particular stallion caught the artist's attention because of its special proportion and coat colour, which is also why she decided to embellish it with genuine 22-carat golden leaves. With that, it became a so-called "Light Piece," a piece where the gold shimmer changes with the surrounding light and directly transports all the qualities of the sun into the space it's exhibited. The painting changes with different times of day and weather, as well as with natural and artificial light sources.

An idea for the series of small-format "Golden Horses" springs from Ješe's childhood desire to own a collection of different horses and store them in a display cabinet. But as an artist, she could pick her favourite specimens and manifest them on canvas.


In this way, all of the horses are fitted in a tight square format so the owner of the collection can easily manage, arrange and access the desired objects as she pleases, and arbitrarily adds new acquisitions.

White Golden Horse

€ 475,00Price
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