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Frame size: 55 x 43 cm (21.7" x 16.9")

Image size: 40 x 29 cm (15.7" x 11.4")


Mixed media on paper, framed in a custom warm metallic-coloured wooden frame and warm white passepartout. The frame is included in the price.


"Royal Gold" is a collage featuring an Akhal-Teke horse adorned in a simple royal blue costume highlighted with gold. The horse's head is drawn with charcoal and combined with various materials, including Japanese paper, black tea, brass golden leaves, and one-coloured paper. This piece is one of the initial works in a series of equine costume designs. The title blends two colours, royal blue and gold.


Akhal-Teke horses are renowned for their metallic coats that intensively shine in the sun, earning them the nickname "golden horses of the Middle East." Thus, the title "Royal Gold" aptly represents the breed, especially the golden buckskin colour variation.

Royal Gold

€ 650,00Price
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