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Frame size: 34 x 30 cm (13.4" x 11.8")

Image size: 20 x 15 cm (7.9" x 5.9")


Drypoint, drawing, chiné-collé, and 23-carat golden leaves on paper, framed in a custom warm metallic-coloured wooden frame and warm white passepartout. The frame is included in the price.


“Purehearted” first came to life at the Horse and Art Research Programme (HARP), an artist’s residency in the Hungarian countryside dedicated to equine artists. Back in 2017, the artist met a very special horse there named Bese who inspired many other works. Even though classical printmaking wasn't Ješe's primary medium, the residency offered a great printmaking studio and also a wonderful mentor at the time, Mark Ritchie.


Ješe finished this piece at the end of 2023, right before the “Year of the Horse” solo exhibition, and added the red heart with a 23-carat golden tear to it. That completed the work and gave it the title.


€ 200,00Price
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