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Frame size: 29 x 35 cm (11.4" x 13.8")

Image size: 15 x 20 cm (5.9" x 7.9")


Etching on paper, framed in a custom silver-coloured wooden frame and warm white passepartout. The frame is included in the price.


“Light III,” as the name implies, is one of the stages of development of an etching titled "Marton & Zselyke." It was made at the Horse and Art Research Programme (HARP), an artist’s residency in the Hungarian countryside dedicated to equine artists, where participants could also try out horse archery under the mentorship of a state champion and on the backs of specially trained archery horses.


The artist was so inspired by that ancient martial art that she decided to spend half of her residency developing an etching with her favourite grey horse named Zselyke and their teacher Marton.


A lot of prints came to life at different stages, each unique in its colours and shades. This print is one of her favourites.

Light III. (3/4)

€ 150,00Price
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