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Size: 50 x 40 x 30 cm (19.7" x 15.7" x 11.8")


Acrylic, collage, 22-carat golden leaves and felt on plaster cast with wire skeleton.


"D'Orizza" is a colourful mixed-media plaster cast. The hooves and manure are gilded with 22-carat golden leaves.


The story behind it combines the tales of a racehorse, Zenyatta, and a farm horse, Dorica, from artist's father's youth that they used for working in the fields before tractors replaced horses. Ješe has always been in love with horses and had a romantic perception of them, but her father always said there's nothing romantic about them when your livelihood depends on them.


Ješe decided to create a series of "Doricas," making each cast unique. This particular one is a combination with Zenyatta, the infamous racehorse with a very successful racing career. Ješe took inspiration from her Adidas-like socks and added golden excrement behind her, symbolizing the financial success Zenyatta brought to the breeders. In a way, Dorica did the same, or at least she brought the food to the table.


€ 2.350,00Price
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