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Frame size: 44 x 35 cm (17.3" x 13.8")

Image size: 30 x 20 cm (11.8" x 7.9")


Drypoint and drawing on paper, framed in a custom warm metallic-coloured wooden frame and warm white passepartout. The frame is included in the price.


Just before departing from the HARP (Horse and Art Research Program) artist’s residency in Hungary in 2017, Ješe went to the fields to find the horses she spent two weeks with, and because it was extremely hot, she found them in the forest somewhere in the middle. She also brought a last plate she planned on making there.


After drawing live horses directly from observation (that move all the time, of course) for two weeks, she got somehow good at observing their postures and bold at drawing the lines directly on the plate.


"Then it was like all the peace and quiet, together with all the knowledge and courage distilled in a moment, and it resulted in drawing “the perfect” image on a plate. One line, the correct line. No additional lines, burnishing, or any sort of corrections, just a simple asymmetrical pose of a horse resting. And then another magical thing happened. After I finished the drawing on the plate, I noticed an antler on the ground, right next to the horse. I picked it up, and I was so happy because I never found anything like this. So I added that to the plate later and titled the prints accordingly. And even though the final product might not look as rich and magical, the memory of making it definitely is."


In the printmaking studio, she experimented with different quantities of paint and smudging effects to make each print really unique. Then she added drawing to enhance this particular print.

Bese Finds an Antler (6/11)

€ 175,00Price
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