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Size: 120 x 100 cm (47.2" x 39.4")


Oil and 22-carat golden leaves on stretched canvas.


"Argari" is a colourful and dreamy depiction of the artist's dream horse, a dapple Andalusian stallion.

Because the idea originates from a childhood wish, she decided to place it in a fairytale-like environment with oversized flowers and colourful organic elements. This gives it the appearance of a child's colouring book but executed with a more advanced realistic style.

An interesting feature is a golden cloak, made with genuine 22-carat golden leaves and textured underpainting. The gold is also applied beneath the horse's skin, emerging on certain areas across its body and head. This way, the entire painting shimmers and shines, depending on the light source, tone, intensity, and the viewer's standpoint.

Due to the use of gold, this piece is one of the artist's "Light Pieces," featuring a curtain of shimmery metal that reflects both natural and artificial light. Consequently, it captures the qualities of sunlight and infuses them into the space where it's exhibited. The light rises, sets, and changes colours throughout different parts of the day.


€ 7.000,00Price
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