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Lara Ješe is an animal artist inviting you to discover her world of paintings, drawings and sculptures.

Step into the world of horses, cows, wild cats, colourful birds and other creatures that come to life through the artist's masterful touch.

2022, Nevesta, olje in medeninasti zlati lističi na platnu, 100120 cm-22.jpg

Featured Artwork

The Bride, 2022

100 x 120 cm

Oil and brass golden leaves on canvas

Private collection

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Feel the connection through art.

Whether you desire an art piece from an existing portfolio or feel like commissioning something personal, do not hesitate to contact me regarding your wishes.


Own an Original

Browse the available original works and see if a piece calls to you.

In my experience, the connection happens most often when one gets an opportunity to see the piece in person.

Image by Artem Maltsev

Discover Limited-Time Offers

Browse the store to discover limited-time offers and limited-edition prints.


Commission Your Dream Piece

If a particular original isn't available for purchase or if you found a style or a motif that calls to you but doesn't have that personal something you search for, contact me and we can arrange a custom commission.

Explore my shops, follow me on social media and discover my day-to-day.

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