Funnaminal Menagerie
This year I was flattered to receive an invitation for a solo show in James Joyce Foundation in Zürich, where the reading group I'm visiting takes place. The week between the August 5.-11. the small and intimate library institute dedicated to James Joyce hosted a literature workshop titled „Funnaminal“. Literature connoisseurs from all over the world held their in-depth presentations about the animal motives in Joyce‘s literature, and I presented the visual aspect of the subject with an exhibition and a presentation of my work. The space itself posed an interesting display challenge, so I could get really creative with it.
First time across the ocean!
This year my works found their way across the ocean for the first time – to the Ucross Foundation Art Gallery in Clearmont, Wyoming, USA. To the exhibition titled »Lineage and Legacy – The Imaged Horse« I contributed my screenprints from the »Battery« series and joined the colorful palette of international artists who took part at the “HARP” artists' residency in Hungary over the past two years, and pursued the in-depth study of the horse motif. Exhibition opened already on the 3rd of March, but the grand opening with the drawing and photography workshop took place on the 29th of April.

Kindly invited to see it until the 9th of June!

Ucross Art Gallery
Horses, Nature and Drawing
This year's artists' colony shifted its attention from a landscape to a horse motif. On a sunny April weekend the participants gathered in the middle of a pasture near Ljubljana and indulged the fusion of equestrianism and creativity under the blue skies. After the brief introduction of a horse motif in the art history, followed by the introduction of basic horse care and handling the partakers could try out their riding skills and stretch by the “saddle-yoga”. Next to anatomy books everyone could observe, touch and groom the live models to supplement the true study-drawing experience. Relaxed drawing session on the pasture in the company of horses ended with the terrain horseback riding around the area.

Photography: Luka Lesjak

More photographs on FB
HARP Artist Residency
In a spacious estate somewhere in the middle of Hungarian countryside I spent a two-week Horse and Art Research Program (HARP) in a good company of horses and under the mentorship of a very harmonious couple; Beáta Vezsely, a visual artist and researcher, and Márton Szmrecsányi, horse archer and trainer didn’t only open their home to a colorful group of artist, but also passed their knowledge of an ancient Hun philosophy, (horse) archery, leadership and balance, and nevertheless gave the space to inspiration and artistic exploration of a motif of the horse and Centaurus. Artists coming from Switzerland, Slovenia, Hungary, Sweden, USA, India and Australia, sharing their interest in horses, spent their days in an authentic Hun atmosphere. Sleeping in the yurts, eating meals together at the long table and having the contact with horses were all parts of an everyday routine. While learning about natural horsemanship and archery we enriched our experience with philosophical and artistic debates and creative work at the print shop. The final exhibition offered an overview of our different artistic approaches and spiced up the event with a performative work, where another mentor of ours, Arabelle, took part next to the residency leader.
The Artbox Project Basel 1.0
The first chance to present my work within the Swiss art space was participating in the Artbox Project Basel 1.0, where I exhibited my digital photography. The exhibition took place between 14.-18. June 2017 in the hall of the Euro Airport as a part of the wider cultural event, the annual Art Basel fair. In addition to physical work the exhibition expanded to virtual space through the use of big screens. In this way more artists could present their work in the middle of the buzzing transit space, lure the viewers in front of its surfaces and give them a chance to stop and retreat for a while.

Photo credit: The Artbox Projects

For more photos and videos click here.
The Golden Calf in The Old Cooperative
The master's exhibition titled »The Golden Calf« took place on 30th September 2016 in former agricultural cooperative in the middle of Mavčiče, Kranj, where the overview of my art production from the last three years of studies at Ljubljana's ALUO and Leipzig's HGB was shown. The cooperative was built in the 1950s and has been offering its space for various intentions since. At first it was meant for local cultural purposes and later became agricultural warehouse for decades. After its purpose had switched back to space of local community and culture some time ago, the space waited there unattended and alone until I decided to revive it with an exhibition of a young local artist. The exhibition received a great deal of local support and attracted a lot of attention already at the opening and even more new visitors in the following week until it closed on 7th October. It offered the whole palette of different mediums on display: from oil painting, graphic, “virtual gallery” and to “Giftshop” installation, altogether placed into the withered space with a rich history.
Photo credit: Monika Slemc, Anže Klavžar
Artist's Colony Sorško Polje 2016
The traditional 5th artist's colony "Sorško polje" has focused its view on too frequently overlooked details of our beautiful nature by the Trboje lake. The first weekend of September the lovers of open-air painting have been challenged with a new technique, ink on paper. The focus on the detail wasn't only artistical this year. The organisation of the colony has also been focused on the small Slovene local community in a way that it included local coworkers, exhibition space and cultural workers. In that manner the finished artworks have been exhibited on 9th September in a local space in the heart of Mavčiče, the restaurant "Mavče". The crowd of intergenerational and international art lovers has been entertained by a traditional singing folk group "Šestica".
Kindly invited to take a look at the exhibition in the aforementioned location until 23rd September.

Photo credit: Monika Slemc and Anže Klavžar
The Old Agricultural Cooperative Space's Revival
In the middle of Mavčiče, Kranj there is a storage space that was used as the agricultural cooperative back in the old days. An interesting anecdote says, that the building was built with construction material, which was a product of commoditiy exchange for my late grandfather's tractor. His hard-earned tractor was included to the fast growing cooperatives' inventory after the WW2, when he has been expropriated and had to flee the country.

Two years ago the space has been bought and intended for the parish, but unfortunately the only thing that enriches it eversince are only the new spider webs, insects' cadavers and layers of dust.

Recently developed idea about the space's revival seemed to fall on some fertile grounds. We rolled up our sleeves and started to prepare the grounds for the first cultural event after the changing of purpose of this space: the Master's Degree Exhibition: The Golden Calf.
Battery Exhibited
The Battery project arose in the spring of 2013 on a horse ranch near Ljubljana, Slovenia. Photographic and video material had been in the process of making for two years before it was remade in the medium of silkscreen graphic in Germany.

The colorful and dynamic images had been shown first in the interactive event made by international group of young visual artists "Zum Mitnehmen", and then on the semester exhibition at HGB Leipzig. The works travelled all the way from Germany to Slovenia, where they were exhibited in Ljubljana's Vakuum Gallery and afterwords in the solo exhibition at Pungert Gallery Kranj.
Last but not least the silkscreen were shown at the group exhibition Grafična pomlad (Graphic Spring) in Maribor, which is going to be presented in Sarajevo as well. If by any coincidence the path leads you in the neighborhood of the Academy of Fine Arts Sarajevo between 21. and 27. December, kindly invited to the exhibition!
Artist's Colony Sorško Polje 2015
In the first weekend of July the lovers of art and nature met again for the fourth time. This year's subject was the canyon of the Sava river named Zarica.

After the touristic sightseeing of the newly established "The road of the Jeprca's Teacher" the artists settled on the riverside and indulged in the inspiration.

Two-day workshop was executed in a relaxed artistic atmosphere with snacks and coffee, and as always in good company.

The created works were exhibited in the Medvode library with the opening on the 21.7.2015 at 19.30. The works will be displayed until the 20.8.2015, kindly invited!

Photography: Lana Erzin, Tit Nešović
The Exhibition Opening: "Battery: Graphics"
The exhibition, titled "Battery: Graphics", will take place in Pungert Gallery in Kranj. The newest artworks, made while studying abroad in Leipzig, will be shown there. Photography and video project with riding- and slaughterhorses is upgraded to the new medium of artistic silkscreen.

Kindly invited to the opening of the exhibition on 8th of April 2015 at 20.00 on the edge of old Kranj city center.

The exhibition will be opened until 5. May 2015.
HGB Rundgang 2015
On 12.2.2015 after the euphoric preparations the renowned student art event finally opened: The Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig Semestral Exhibition.

Leipzig is a city, proud of its peaceful protest from 25 years ago - right before the fall of the Berlin wall. But this year it's facing numerous prostests of movement supporters, who fight for anti-islamisation of Europe, and its countermovements. The unrest, political and militant subjects have consequently infected the art production, and have been strongly reflected in HGB Rundgang 2015 semester exhibition.

Despite that, the exhibition expressed its diversitiy and pictoresqueness, and also intertwinement of diverse art disciplines.
Zum Mitnehmen
Before we began saying goodbye to our temporary sanctuary of creativity, us, the visiting students decided to make an easy art event in the main hall of HGB, Leipzig.

The main theme of the event was stacked table, which - aside from various international dishes - also offered reproductions of international students' new artworks, served by the principle of "eat in or take away." Therefore after a drink, delicious snack and relaxed chat all the visitors could take home their favourite prints.

Photographs: Juliette Dubus
Schöne Grüße aus Leipzig!
I'm spending this year's winter semester under prof. Heribert C. Ottersbach's mentorship at Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig. HGB is a beautiful German academy and holds big studios, many functionally equipped workshops, copyroom, library and even its own inside coffeeshop. Studios are light, airy and just wonderful; mine even comes with a view on Reisgericht National Court and das Neues Rathaus' tower. Studios' interiors are – well, artistic while the silksreen workshop, where the final phase of Battery production begins, is distinguished by order. I guess Germans will always be Germans. :)
Interestingly similar to Slovene Academy of Fine Arts and Design HGB is also located in vicinity of city centre, important city and national buildings, embassies (American, of course) and even smaller version of Ljubljana Tivoli park. Ducks included. Beautiful surroundings for a ride with bicycle, which is the most popular and indespensable transportation here as well.
The Summer Projects Finish
This year's poduction has reached the peak of the season with the June's »Golden calf« project, starring Lulu the calf.
Lulu is distinguished for her playfulness, wit and endless patience while applying colour or golden leaves, flashing with too many cameras, training, hairdressing and doing other celebrity chores.
I'll miss her very much when I leave for my studies, it's been a pleasure.
The End of Battery Project Shooting
With this year's last photoshooting on June 15th the production of photographic material for Battery project finally came to an end.
17 individual horses have been photographed and the open-air studio has managed to survive all weather condition from sun, rain, severe wind to hail storm and lightning.
Despite occasional tensions and diverse characters no animals were injured.
Special thanks go to all members of the team, without whom the project couldn't be executed: Lea Babič, Jože Ješe, Majda Ješe, Matic Gašpirc, Anže Grabeljšek, Jara Vogrič, Lana Erzin, Meta Snedic, Rok Brajkovič, Evita Ješe Konec, Gašper Konec, Saša Škafar, Klemen Prepeluh, Maša Mušič and family Hlebš' ranch in Zadobrova, Ljubljana.

The final product is not on view yet, but the portfolio already offers the glance into the first bits and behind the scenes.
Artists' Colony Sorško Polje 2014: Sleet
This year's artist's colony with theme "sleet" for all landscape enthusuast under mentorship of Lara Ješe has been affected by this year's Slovene natural catastrophe. New forest paths, fallen trees, too light forest floor and undergrowth all became artistic inspiration on 21st and 22nd of June, beside usual natural gem, the field of Sorško polje.
The colony for landscape lovers of all ages went this year for the second time in a relaxed atmosphere, accompanied with coffee, cookies and birds' singing.

Works are exhibited in Sokolski dom in Škofja Loka from 4th till 17th of July 2014.

SA Article
Group Exhibition: U35
On »U35, Young Art from Škofja Loka and Vicinity« exhibition 12 young artists present themselves: Katja Bogataj, Suzana Brborovic, Tina Dobrajc, Tomaž Furlan, Peter Gaber, Mito Gegic, Sanela Jahic, Lara Ješe, Martina Marencic, Tit Nesovic, Barbara Pintar, Veronika Vesel Potocnik.
Throughout history Škofja Loka often distinguished itself as a incubator and catalyst of artistic poetics, that fundamentally influenced on state of artistic flow and cultural historical development in Slovenia and beyond.
The group exhibition project through academic representative sample strives to present young academic artists below the age of 35 without curator 's dictation. Criteria is geographically selected contemporary young art production. Each artist presented him or herself with one piece in the media of painting, sculpting, video and art instalation.

Article: Gorenjski glas
Video: RTVslo
Group Exhibition: Young Artists and Charity
On 21st November 2013 at 19.30 the group charity exhibition named "Young Artists and Charity" opened. With the exhibition newly founded young visual artists' and architects' institution ZKP Signum Artisma presented themselves for the first time. Mood in Crystal palace was in the colors of art, music and charity.
Photographs by Erik Rant.

Exhibition opened from 21. to 28. 11. 2013.
First Artists' Colony Sorško Polje
The Sorško polje, praised in poems of renowned Slovene poet Simon Jenko, is a wonderful juncture of nature's beauties between Kranj, Škofja Loka and Medvode. Ladscape lovers and entusiasths for painting under the blue skies gathered there on weekend on 6th and 7th June.

Entusiasts as well as professional painters and visual artists gathered in the embrace of nature under supervision of Lara Ješe and eternalised landscape beauties on canvas and paper. The exhibition of created works opened on 20th July at 6pm in exhibition quarters of Na Poljani pension in the middle of Sorško polje. Exhibition will be open untill 30th July 2013.
Battery Project Shooting: Behind The Scenes
"The Battery" art project captures different groups of horses in a tight photography studio space, where they are allowed to move freely but on condition that they don't leave the space. Each individual horse is marked with blue or red number on their buttocks; blue color stands for riding and cart horses and red for slaughter and brood horses. The photographs depict the action behind the scenes of the photo shooting at the Hlebš ranch in Zadobrova, Ljubljana.

A team of photographers, video makers and horse keepers photographed the first two groups of horses at the first photo shooting, but this is only the beginning towards the final realization.

Photo credit: Jara Vogrič, Meta Snedic
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